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Cameron Diaz At Los Angeles Airport

Cameron Diaz At Los Angeles Airport
Cameron Diaz was recently spotted going out of LAX on her way to Virginia, to lens her next big film, “The Box”.

Her new film is a thriller about a struggling husband-and-wife who find a wooden box on their front entrance. When the box is opened the couple becomes rich but opening it causes the death of an unknown person.

She was previously seen at an afterparty for SNL with Bradley Cooper as well as walking with the attractive star through New York’s Central Park.

In this recent picture above, Cameron Diaz was sporting a pair of skinny jeans, black boots and belted V-neck sweater. The beret seems a fashion statement but the actress used it to match it with her casual outfit.

Jessica Biel Got Cameron Diaz Gift

Justin Timberlake has bought Jessica Biel a customized surfboard, the same gift he gave to his former girlfriend Cameron Diaz.

The “SexyBack” hitmaker, who bought Cameron Diaz a similar board from the same shop four years ago, is determined to teach Jessica Biel how to ride the waves so he splashed out on a board and a years’ supply of surfboard wax for her.

A source revealed, “He phoned Evolution Surf and ordered a longboard with a blue, yellow and gold design. He also put in an order for a year’s supply of Sex Wax. He thought it’d be fun to surprise her with a board and a trip to Hawaii to teach her how to surf!”

As for the other news, Justin Timberlake is set to host his first PGA Tour golf event in Las Vegas. The week-long competition, which is scheduled for October 2008, will be named the
Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open.

The singer will play in the celebrity pro-am competition and perform during the tournament. He revealed, “I couldn’t be more excited. We will make sure to make this event unique and memorable, and we will raise money for charity while participating in the greatest game ever played. Raising money to better children’s lives while playing golf? I can’t think of a better way to pass the time.”

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2007: "Brunettes have more fun because they can be more anonymous,” the actress has said. "I think men find me more accessible as a brunette.” True or not, it’s doubtful anyone could miss those blue eyes

1999: The risk taker made her blue eyes pop with dark locks, but didn’t do it all in one go. Colorist Beth Minardi said, “Cameron Diaz came to me with blond hair, saying, 'I want to shock.' I gradually added pieces of brown so she could get used to it

1997: She contrasted the prim look of her character in My Best Friend’s Wedding with a free-spirited style. “You’d be amazed by the waves that seemingly bone-straight hair like Cameron’s can have,” hairstylist Darrell Redleaf-Fielder has

1995: After her acting debut in The Mask, the charming star became a Hollywood favorite. "Cameron is a living doll,” says makeup artist Tracy Warbin. “When she smiles, it lights up her whole face."

Not everyone can make bright lipstick look cool or appear sophisticated in iridescent eye shadow and feathered hair. But for Cameron Diaz, these are no big feats. "She makes it all seem effortless," says makeup artist Troy Jensen, who has lined her blue eyes with dark pencil and coated her lips with beige gloss. "Her California-girl approachability makes any look work." Adds hairstylist Darrell Redleaf-Fielder, "She must be part mermaid. Even in a couture gown, she looks like she just got off her surfboard." This May, she’s part green ogre again, as she lends her voice to the loveable Princess Fiona in Shrek the Third.

1988: As a high-schooler, the natural blonde was both a cheerleader and a model. Too perfect to be true? She prefers the wisdom of age: “I love getting older. I've never felt more in my skin or happier to be who I am."

2005: The stunning star’s eclectic style has earned her some pretty A-list fans. "Cameron Diaz has great style to me because she blazes her own trail," Hilary Swank has said. "She doesn't follow anyone."

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Cameron Diaz Wallpapers

Cameron Diaz Pic
Cameron Diaz Pic

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Cameron Diaz Photo
Cameron Diaz Photo

Cameron Diaz Wallpapers 2

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Cameron Diaz Detailed Biography

Name : Cameron Diaz

Date of Birth : August 30, 1972

Place of Birth : San Diego, Calif., USA

Sign : Virgo

Height : 5' 9''

Hair : Blond

Eyes : Blue

Education : High school

Occupation : Actress / Model

Companion : Jared Leto

Sister : Chimene

Recognition : In 1998 she was chosen by People Magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world.

Fan Mail : C/O Addis-Weschler & Associates
955 South Carrillo Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Cameron Diaz was sixteen when she got her big break in life. She was at a Hollywood party when she ended up speaking to, and eventually dating, a fashion photographer who landed her a modelling contract with the Elite Modelling Agency within a week of knowing her. She went to Japan with another young model (15) to further her modelling career shortly afterwards.For five years afterwards she travelled from country to country and fashion capital to fashion capital. From Paris to Morocco to Milan and even to Australia and eventually hooked up with boyfriend Carlos De La Torre whom she stayed with for five years in a Hollywood apartment.

By the time she landed herself a role in the film The Mask, starring comedian Jim Carrey, she was already an accomplished actress appearing in commercials for Calvin Klein, Levi's, and Coca-Cola as well as being on magazines such as Seventeen and Mademoiselle. She was 21 and had much experience in the modelling world. However, she had begun to feel that there was more in her future than just modelling and she eventually decided to turn from modelling to acting. She initially got a small role in the movie but got bored “practising with the choreographer so that he knows the steps he gonna teach the real girl who gets the job? The director, Charles Russell, who realised what she felt, managed to convince the producers at New Line Cinema to give her the female lead role and so she launched her acting career.A month into the production of the movie she discovered the scale of the movie and got an ulcer realising the pressure set upon her according to the success of the motion picture. After this experience, and a case where she injured herself in training for the film Mortal Kombat, studios became wary of taking her on and so fate would have it that she returned to the world of big time modelling and independent films.

She gained a role in the movie the Last Supper?in 1995 saying she decided to do so to gain experience working with other actors seeing as how she had little experience. In 1996 she earned roles in Feeling Minnesota and She The One along side big stars Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Aniston and in the film lead Above Water? She doesn fail to show off her model figure in most of these films and they are all worth a view. She was named N.A.T.O. female star of tomorrow in that year and now with experience in several films she has a growing following of fans.Since then she has starred in My Best Friend Wedding along side Julia Roberts, A Live Less Ordinary with Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor, and most recently There Something About Mary along side long time boyfriend, Matt Dillon. Rumour would have it the two have now broken up but reports are vague.Soon she will appear again on the big screen in the films hear And Loathing In Las Vegas?and an Any Given Sunday? Her latest film, Very Bad things, is out in the States at the moment and will be coming out soon across Europe.


Year Title Role

1994 The Mask Tina Carlyle

1995 The Last Supper Jude

1996 She's the One Heather

Feeling Minnesota Freddie Clayton

Head Above Water Nathalie

1997 Keys to Tulsa Trudy

My Best Friend's Wedding Kimberly Wallace

A Life Less Ordinary Celine Naville

1998 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Blonde TV Reporter

There's Something About Mary Mary Jensen

Very Bad Things Laura Garrety

1999 Being John Malkovich Lotte Schwartz

Any Given Sunday Christina Pagniacci

2000 Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her Carol Faber

Charlie's Angels Natalie Cook

2001 The Invisible Circus Faith

Shrek Princess Fiona (voice)

Vanilla Sky Julianna 'Julie' Gianni

2002 The Sweetest Thing Christina Walters

My Father's House The Girl

Minority Report Woman on Metro

Gangs of New York Jenny Everdeane

2003 Shrek 4-D Princess Fiona (voice)

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Natalie Cook

2004 Shrek 2 Princess Fiona (voice)

2005 In Her Shoes Maggie Feller

2006 The Holiday Amanda Wood

2007 Shrek the Third Princess Fiona (voice)

Shrek the Halls (TV) Princess Fiona (voice)

Sashank Jessica Mclure

The Box Norma Lewis

2008 My Sister's Keeper Sara Fitzgerald

What Happens In Vegas...

2010 Shrek 4 Princess Fiona (voice)
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